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cottage pottery:custom
Personalized pottery
families, kid & BABY ART 



book your custom personalized pottery party

Young kids keeping you busy and you want a custom piece with your kid's hand or footprint, 

but you have no time to paint?

we do it for you, simple, fast  &  easy!

gather your friends & their kiddos too & we'll travel to you and bring the pottery pieces to0! 

you'll be the hero & your friends will appreciate getting their custom pottery too!

at your event, everyone will...

1.  Pick their pottery from several popular styles

2.  choose your design theme

 3.  we'll imprint your child's hands and/or feet

4.  You're done!

  We take everything back to the studio to Professionally design with your desired style & theme

& professionally hand letter your pottery to personalize with your child's name any other details you have selected.

turnaround time 4-6 weeks


party host receives a 10% discount for organizing a party of 6+ guests,

and pick-up &  delivery of her guests' pottery. 


EMAIL OR Call to make an appointment : (231) 437-6500

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