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cottage pottery: TRAVEL STUDIO

no minimum number of painters 
'we bring our studio & our expertise to your location

Travel Fee: $25 

Every Party Includes

Pottery (or acrylic canvas class)

 $30+/painter (+sales tax) (or a minimum of $350 total sales)

choice of mugs, plates, platters or bowls or a custom assortment of popular items

(preorder 2.5 weeks in advance a pottery item to ensure the exact pottery choice is available)


Paint Brushes

Clear Glazing 


Set-up - we arrive about an hour before the event.

Clean-up - takes us about 1/2 to clean up after the event.

up to 2 friendly staff members for 2.5 hrs 

$15/.5hr After

Turnaround Time approximately 1 week

call for special pricing on custom pottery options

Pick up pottery At Our drop box location 

Cottage Pottery on the go is perfect For Your Big Event!

We Love Parties!

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