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Want to throw an Awesome Paint Party for only $12.50 per child?!? Just supply an activity to do and you won't need to supply 'goody' bags since the kids get to take home something they Created!  It's a Win-Win!!!  Better yet, there's no shopping...we'll ship the kit with  everything you need to you! This Awesome kit offered by Cottage Pottery, comes with everything you need to throw a tremendous bisque painting party, with 12 pieces of pottery (seen here), 12 brushes, 6 paint colors, 12 paint palettes & clear Gloss Sealer for the Shine! No Baking needed, just paint & gloss, dries quickly.  No wait time - Each child gets to take his pottery home with them! This kit includes shipping and the following pieces:


3 'Shelley' Mermaids

3 'Nelly' Narwhals

3 'Piper' Peacocks

3 'Baxter' Kittys


Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black & White


6 Paint Brushes, 6 Paint Palettes, Acrylic 'Brush-on' Gloss Sealer

Party Pal Craft Kit 2


    • SET UP PAINT SPACE - Acrylic Paints are permanent when they dry & will stain clothing. Paints will wash off hands with soap. Cover Table with paper
    • MIX PAINT - Shake containers lightly before opening.
    • PAINT PODS - Be careful when opening to avoid spills, lift tab & top will pop open.
    • WATER CUP - Rinse your brush in the water thoroughly, and wipe on a paper towel to remove excess water when changing paint colors.
    • PAINT - Apply 1-2 coats of paint depending on preference, let dry in between coats.
    • TIP - Polka Dots - Q-tips or end of a paintbrush.
    • BRUSHES - Be sure to wash with soap & rinse brushes after use.
    • SHINE - If desired, when dry, use a clean brush to apply a gloss sealer to protect your piece, spread evenly-will dry clear. No Baking Needed!
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