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I am an Artist…

I am passionate, I see things differently - colors, shapes textures and how they all go together so beautifully, I love nature, riding my bike and walking the beach in the summer, snowshoeing in the winter.  I believe that everyone has an inner artist somewhere, if they just sit down long enough to find it!


I have a purpose…

to bring families together to make memories…just sitting around the table, working together to perform their own beautiful work of art that’s unique to them and their story…


I am a wife…

to a wonderful man who is always there to support me thru every idea, and lets me dream, always ready to help me to fly!

I am a mother….

to our 3 amazing daughters.  They bring a sense of awe and wonder as we watch them grow and see them discover all that God has meant them to be!

I am a daughter…a sister….an IBD warrior mom (1 of our kids has Crohn’s & the other has Gastritis) ...been a gluten free baker for 12 years & counting….


I am an animal connoisseur…

as a family…we own and pridefully take care of our 2 dogs, Logan & Lulu (Labradoodle & Pomeranian), 1 rescue kitty named Basil, Guinea pig- Boo, 11 chickens, 2 fish and our newest pet - a leopard lizard.  They’re a lot of work, but together we manage as a Team!


So as you can see, this little Paint your Own pottery studio is just part of my story….just like you, I’ve got a story longer that just the words on this page….but it isn’t finished yet.  I want to eventually have a blog and talk about ‘What’s your story?’  If you would like to participate….message me on FB or send me an email with your ideas…and remember And in the meantime, We’d love to meet you & help you to make a memory with your family & friends at Cottage Pottery!


What’s your story?  Hope to hear soon!

Happy Painting!

Paige O'Leary

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