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We've Moved, but we're still here in Charlevoix...just doing business in a different way!

Our Covid-19 Story for 2020 Our lease at 100 Park Avenue in beautiful Charlevoix was up on April 1st. So, as business starting slowing down in March, and not knowing how things were going to be in our Michigan economy this Spring and Summer, we decided to not renew our lease & close our downtown retail space. BUT - We are still here, in Charlevoix, just doing business in a different way!

We're making Lemonade out of Lemons... we have moved Cottage Pottery to our Garage Studio, unofficially called, 'The Hiding Place', that will comfortably seat 20 painters upstairs above our 3 car garage. I have been blessed to have my husband and 2 older daughters home from college & our youngest, who is in High school, to help set up at our new garage studio. They not only moved the entire studio, including shelves, pottery, paints, furniture and kiln, but also chipped in many hours to prep and paint our new studio space. I am so proud of them, and I am super excited to show you what it looks like, hopefully soon! It's been quite a project to move the entire studio and set up a whole new way of doing business, including an online store, but we're here, we're passionate about what we do and we will be around to make sure that we can offer fun for your family, and to make help you make memories that last forever!

We can not do any events until our 'Stay at Home' for non-essential businesses is lifted on May 15, so for now, We are taking Reservations for Summer 2020 for parties of 5 or more painters for paint your own pottery or acrylic canvas painting. Also offering a 'Travel Studio' where we bring the studio to you for 5+ painters!

We are currently offering non-contact, curbside pickup at our new location, 9499 Equestrian Way, in Charlevoix. We have made it easy to order & pay with our new online store! Same day pickup at noon (or later) if ordered by 10 am same morning. Details - Your selected pottery will be packaged in our Cottage Pottery bag, with your name on it, along with all the paints, brushes & supplies to paint your masterpieces. When your finished, just repackage your pottery and supplies, in same bag, and drop-off at our Brown Box on left side of the driveway... Look for Cottage Pottery periwinkle sign with our logo!

We're excited to see you again in 2020. Smile & Stay Healthy!

Happy Painting!

Paige O'Leary, owner

Cottage Pottery, LLC

Cell: 231-437-6500

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